Have you ever tried to find an electronic version of a national or state map of the United States that’s A) in a file format that you can use, B) high-res enough to be print quality, and C) not stupidly expensive for something that should be so easy to find?

I have, and it’s annoying. So here. Take ’em. No cost. Just download them as PDFs and use them with my blessing for school projects, work projects, etc. I made all these myself, and they are all generated from common domain images. Use them for anything – royalty free.

These are current as of 2010, but they might not be 100% accurate. Some states have cities that exist separate from counties – or some other weird sub-divisions that I might not have been aware of when I made these. The line thicknesses can be adjusted with Adobe Illustrator, and the various shapes can be filled in with Photoshop or MS Paint.

Now go forth and get that project done!

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